Standard 1.

Teachers understand student learning and development and respect the
diversity of the students they teach.

You can not learn from those you do not like– and you can not like those who do not take the time to get to know you, who do not take the time to see you, understand you and hear you as an individual.

I understand these principles well and use this in my teaching day in and day out. I get to know my CTE students and what they like, their interests- especially when it comes to what effects their learning.


I craft projects based on students’ learning needs and interests that also meet state standards and set high expectations from day 1. Below are some examples of how I have done this


First Day Activities
From day one I am getting to know my students. I ask them to answer these 25 questions that give me insight into their likes, dislikes, motivations and fears.
I ask some fun questions- but sneak in some serious questions too! About what they like about or dislike about school and their hopes and dreams for their lives.
Getting an A in CTE Graphics
From day one I also outline the path to getting an A in my class; expectations and norms are set and so is the path to excellence.
At WHHS, we have a school-wide grading system that we must follow. I outline which assignments will fall under which categories and how the final grade is calculated.
Getting involved & volunteering
Over the summer of 2020, I assisted in coordinating the painting of the BLM mural on the school’s driveway.  Paint and supplies were donated by Sherwin Williams, a local muralist from Lakewood donated her time to help outline the mural and teachers and students alike got together to help paint.  This meant a lot to the students especially after the events of the summer of 2020.