role: Design Consultant
KFP's website had a problem:
Their bounce rate according to google analytics was almost 100 percent and users were only staying on the financial planner's site for less than 3 seconds.
content analysis
After analyzing the site I found a few key opportunities for improvement.
1. The content needed to be more engaging.
2. The content needed to be more intuitively organized.
speaking directly to the user
I provided a worksheet to the owner of KFP, which spurred him to think about his potential clients and helped him to speak to them.

The questions were as follows:
1. What are the pain points of your customers? (list all you can think of)
2. You are a fee-only advisor, what does that mean to the pain points of your customer?
3. In what ways do you help your clients achieve success?
4. In what ways do you help your clients avoid failure?
5. If you could summarize what is the most basic need of your clients that each of the pain points you listed touches?​​​​​​​
The bounce rate is now average in the 20% range and the average user spends upwards of 3-4 minutes on the KFP site.

By simply changing the way KFP spoke to their potential customers and organized content, we improved the bounce rate 70% and added 3 minutes to the average potential customers' stay on the site.

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