Standard 3.

Teachers understand and use varied assessments to inform instruction, evaluate and ensure student learning.

In the classroom we use multiple forms of summative and formative assessment from Do Now’s and Exit Tickets to In Progress Critique and Formal Critique processes and Quizzes and Exams and even e-Games.
All of this data is then used to inform instructional activities and informs the pace at which we tackle the subject matter. If we need extra time on a specific subject matter, but we excel at another adjustments are made to the pacing schedule.
Oftentimes in class we will use fun, interactive games to review and gauge learning. For example a kahoot quiz will breakdown everything I need to know on question and category performance and acts well as a formative assessment.
Shown below, I can see if there were difficult questions for students and I can circle back and re-instruct.
Pre & Summative Assessments
This is a sample from a typography assessment that is used as a summative assessment at the units end to gather how well the students are acquiring the information.
Below is the class of 22’s performance on the webXam. We utilize the webXam as the Pre- Assessment final summative assessment for the course to measure learning.

WebXam Reflection & Retake

I also utilize the outcome report from the WebXam to see what areas need to be reinforced. It is possible that the students can take the webXam again for higher scores.